Outriders Story Points List

In Outriders the main story is broken up into key Story Points based on locations. These Story Points can be replayed if so desired from the main menu. If you are wondering what the full list of Story Points area we’ve got you covered. Below is the complete Outriders Story Points list.

What are the Story Points in Outriders

Image showing the Story Points in Outriders.

Story Points in Outriders are basically the game’s form of chapters. These chapters break up the main story into the different locations they take part in. If you wish to see the Story Points you’ve unlocked (or replay any) you can do this from the Lobby screen under Select Story Point. Within each Story Point there are different objectives. The complete list for the main story can be found below.

  1. Prologue (1x Story Point).
    • Get to the other side of the battlefield.
  1. Rift Town (5x Story Points).
    • Descend into the Hounds’ warehouse to save Jakub.
    • Meet with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
    • Confront the Altered at the Tower.
    • Attend the debrief with Jakub and Shira at her command room.
    • Speak with Jakub to leave for the First City.
  1. First City (4x Story Points).
    • Search the First City for Zahedi.
    • Rescue Zahedi.
    • Reach the other side of the river.
    • Speak with Jakub to leave for Eagle Peaks.
  1. Eagle Peaks (4x Story Points).
    • Ask the ECA Captain how to reach the Radio Tower.
    • Investigate the volcano’s peak.
    • Break through the Insurgents’ stronghold.
    • Speak with Jakub to continue to Deadrock Pass.
  1. Deadrock Pass (2x Story Points).
    • Explore the area and depart when ready.
    • Escort Marshal Bailey and her captive to Trench Town.
  1. Trench Town (4x Story Points).
    • Meet Grand Marshal Corrigan.
    • Speak with Jakub to leave for the Wreckage Zone.
    • Push back the Insurgents in No Man’s Land.
    • Talk to Jakub to continue to the Quarry.
  1. Quarry (4x Story Points).
    • Cross the swamps.
    • Lower the outpost bridge so the convoy can enter the Quarry.
    • Collect lithium for the filtration system.
    • Travel to the Forest after preparing the trucks in the Quarry.
  1. Forest Enclave (3x Story Points).
    • Track down the Crysaloid.
    • Explore the forest and locate the old Outriders’ truck.
    • Pursue Scurlock.
  1. The Stronghold (3x Story Points).
    • Rescue Zahedi.
    • Fight your way out of the Stronghold.
    • Talk to Jakub to continue through the Forest.
  1. Ancient Ruins (2x Story Points).
    • Set up a receiver above the canopy to retrace the signal.
    • Talk to Jakub to continue through the Forest.
  1. The Gate (3x Story Points).
    • Deal with Kang’s pursuing forces.
    • Clear a path forward.
    • Find a way to pass through the Gate.
  1. Dunes (2x Story Points).
    • Search for shelter from the approaching sandstorm.
    • Find the source of the distant light.
  1. Utargak (3x Story Points).
    • Search the village for your crew.
    • Rescue your crew.
    • Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert.
  1. Desolate Fort (3x Story Points).
    • Find shelter for your crew.
    • Reach the Fort.
    • Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert.
  1. Canyon of the Grand Obelisk (3x Story Points).
    • Venture into the canyon and investigate the area.
    • Search for clues about what happened to the dead humans.
    • Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert.
  1. Pax City (3x Story Points).
    • Investigate area.
    • Uncover the history of Monroy and his people.
    • Enter and investigate the Monroy’s Palace.
  1. The Caravel (2x Story Points).
    • Reach the Caravel.
    • Defeat Yagak.
  1. Outriders’ Camp (End-Game).
    • Called the Drop Pod Resources.

Completing all of the above Story Points to the Outriders’ Camp beats the game. At that point you will enter the endgame of Outriders which features a special game mode called Expeditions. These Expeditions are additional missions you can play with increasing difficulty for loot. See all the Side Quests in the game here.

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