Outriders Side Quests List

In Outriders there are a number of different quests for players to complete. The quests are divided into two types main quest and side quests. The main quests must be completed to reach the end of the game’s story. The side quests are additional quests players can do to earn various rewards and additional XP. To learn more consult the Outriders side quests list below.

How Many Side Quests in Outriders?

Image showing the list of Side Quests in Outriders.

There are a total of 25 Side Quests for players to complete in Outriders. The side quests are located in the different locations in the game. The Side Quests appear on your map as a sort of yellow exclamation point. When you approach these symbols you will typically encounter NPCs giving out the quest. The side quests in the game are as follows:

Rift Town

  1. Payback.
  2. Terra Infirma.
  3. A Bad Day.

First City

  1. Endless Dark.
  2. No Place Like Home.

Eagle Peaks

  1. The Scientific Method.
  2. Divine Intervention.

Deadrock Pass

  1. Nature’s Call.
  2. A Free Market.

Trench Town

  1. Return Fire.
  2. A Heart of Gold.
  3. The Outrider’s Legacy.
  4. Life’s Treasure.


  1. Dying Wish.

Forest Enclave

  1. Rigging the Game.
  2. Predator to Prey.

The Stronghold

  1. The Other Ingredient.

Ancient Ruins

  1. Old Powers.

The Gate

  1. Unknown Presence.


  1. Shepherds of Enoch.
  2. Pour One Out.

Desolate Fort

  1. Big Iron.

Canyon of the Grand Obeslisk

  1. Secret Chapel (Hidden).
  2. Turning Point.

Pax CIty

  1. Sins of Our Fathers.

There are additional side quests for players to complete involving collecting history and hunting specific wanted targets. These side quests are not counted in those. The list and your progress is shown on your world map. Hover over the side quest icon to get the list shown above. Complete all 25 side quests as part of the Multitasking and Squaretasking achievements. See all the Story Points in the game here.

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