Outriders Looking For Group Mega Thread – Drop Your Codes Here

Outriders is a looter-shooter that is better with friends. This is good if you have friends that are available to play, but bad if you don’t. To help you find more people to play the game with we’ve put together this Outriders looking for group mega thread. Check out the comments below to find players to join or post your code for others to join you. To help make the looking for group process easier I will walk you through setting up joinable games and how to join other’s games below.

WARNING: Outriders multiplayer is borked right now. There is a chance you can lose your entire inventory playing co-op. Proceed with caution.

How to Turn On/Off Crossplay

Image showing how to turn off and on Crossplay in Outriders.

Note: Currently crossplay is fubar. Until People Can Fly fixes the issue you are unable to play with players on different platforms.

Outriders features crossplay ability that allows players to join other players on different consoles. This means you can play with people who may be on different consoles than the one you are playing on. This matchmaking is automatically turned on when you begin the game. The option for crossplay is located under . I recommend keeping it turned on so the pool of players you can play with is larger.

Where to Find Session Code

To join others that are not on your friends list you need to create a session that is joinable. This means ensuring your session is open and accessible to all. Once you meet this requirement you need to grab your session code. This code is located on the lobby screen under Play With Friends > Generate Your Game Code. Once you find this code share it with those you want to join your game. In the case of this thread drop your generated session code in the comments below for others to join. Be specific if you are looking for certain types of players to do certain activities.

How to Join Other Players Games

If you don’t want to host but do want to join other peoples lobbies the process is fairly simple. To join off of a generated session code simply take the code provided and plug it in on the Lobby screen under Play With Friends > Join a Game Using Code. Once you input the code you will load into the hosts lobby. Try to be a nice guest.

That’s all you need to know about joining other peoples game’s in Outriders. The process of joining is fairly simple, but there are technical hiccups that may occur. See you all on the battlefied and be sure to check out our other helpful Outriders guides.

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8 responses

  1. Kathryn says:

    Newbie Looking For Friends To Game With.
    Playing on PC, Cross-Play Is Enabled.


  2. Davion Jones says:

    Add me for endgame the10stlegend

  3. DAsBOOTcha says:

    Newbie hosting all are welcome.
    Region: NA west
    Language: English
    Player/world lvl: 4/4

  4. Serk says:


  5. MoneyNYC21 says:

    R5U8P8F4 – Game Code

    MoneyNYC21 – PS5

  6. Laura says:

    Game code outriders

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