Outriders Expeditions Missions List

In Outriders there is an end-game system called Expeditions. These Expeditions are challenging missions players can complete to earn a variety of rewards. There are a number of missions available to challenge in Expeditions. To keep track of these missions check out our Outriders Expeditions mission list below.

How Many Expeditions in Outriders?

Image showing the Outriders Expeditions Map.

Once you complete the main story questline in Outriders you will unlock Expeditions. These missions have their own map and can be accessed from the Drop Pod Table in all of your camps. When you access the map you will see the various Expedition missions available to you. These missions total 14 in number. Not all are available to you at one time. Instead they will rotate over time. The Expeditions you can play are:

  • Mountain Outpost.
  • Chem Plant.
  • Marshland Caverns.
  • Boom Town.
  • Frontline.
  • Heart of the Wild.
  • Timeworn Spire.
  • Archways of Enoch .
  • Stargrave.
  • Paxian Homestead.
  • The Drought Place (Tier 4 unlock).
  • Colosseum (Tier 8 unlock).
  • Scorched Lands (Tier 12 unlock).
  • Eye of the Storm (Tier 15 + 40k Drop Pod Resources Collected).

To unlock all of the levels listed above you need to increase the Tiers you have available. The Tiers make the missions harder and more rewarding. If you reach the highest Tier, 15, you unlock a final Expedition called Eye of the Storm. This Expedition contains a special boss fight.

You will spend the bulk of your time playing through Expeditions. This endgame collection of missions can be started once the main story is completed. Taking part in Expeditions allows you to earn rewards. The rewards you receive improve in value the faster you complete the missions listed above. See more of our Outriders guide for more help with the game.

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