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In Outriders there are a variety of enemies for players to fight. These enemies range from standard mobs to more advanced enemies like Elites and bosses. Elites are a step below the bosses you encounter and they are a decent source of loot. These enemies often appear in the side missions of the game and are noticeable by their unique names. To keep track of all of the Elites we’ve put together the Outriders Elites list you can find below. Consult it to learn where to find each of the Elites in the game.

Note: Information listed below is taken from the demo. Things may change at release.


Image showing Maxwell in Outriders.

The first champion is Maxwell in the game’s tutorial mission, Tempest. In this mission you are attacked by Maxwell and his guards. At the end of the battle you will face off against Maxwell. Defeat him to complete the game’s tutorial. This champion is not easily farmable.

Captain in Shattered Fort

Image showing the Captain Champion in Outriders.

Captain is a champion players can fight in the Shattered Front area of Rift Town. The location is accessible in the side mission Terra Infirma that comes from Shira. In the final section of the Shattered Front you will encounter Captain and a collection of adds. Defeating them completes the side mission. The Captain is a farmable enemy. This enemy can drop up to two gear pieces per kill.

Captain Reiner in Bunker Hill

Image showing the Captain Reiner Champion in Outriders.

There is another Captain, Captain Reiner, for players to fight in the Bunker Hill area of Rift Town. This enemy is located inside the bunker at the end of the area. To access this area start the Payback side mission from Audrey Storm in the Crossroads area. This champion doesn’t drop any loot when killed, so he is pointless to farm.

These are all the Champion enemies currently fightable in Outriders. Once the game is fully released we will update this list accordingly. For more guides on this title see our farming guide, a look at the game’s legendary guns, a look at the bosses, and more.

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  1. AnOldSoul says:

    Hey, just found out the two flamethrower enemies at the end of the prologue are elite enemies and super easy to kill on world tier one.

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