Outriders Boss List

In Outriders there are a variety of enemies for players to fight. These enemies range from standard mobs to more advanced enemies like Elites and bosses. Bosses are the highest tier of enemy to face with them having a large red health bar that appears while fighting them. These enemies often appear at the end of main story missions. To keep track of all of the bosses we’ve put together the Outriders boss list you can find below. Consult it to learn where to find each of the bosses in the game.

Gauss (Rift Town)

Image showing the Gauss boss in Outriders.

The first main boss you fight in Outriders is Gauss. Gauss is located in the Solar Tower Platform area of Rift Town. You go to this location during the story mission called Reunion. Defeating Gauss gives you access to a loot chest located in the building next to the boss arena. The loot chest above and three others in the mission are farmable for items. Farming Gauss is done by running the Reunion story mission objective Confront the Altered at the Tower via the Select a Story Point on the lobby screen. This boss unlocks the In Rode A Hero achievement/trophy.

Molten Acari (Eagle Peaks)

Image showing the Molten Acari boss in Outriders.

The next major boss you fight in Outriders is a giant volcanic spider named . This spider can be found at the top of the volcano in the Eagle Peaks area. You visit this area during the Inferno quest. To advance this story quest you need to defeat Molten Acari. Upon defeat you will be able to advance the storyline. Molten Acari doesn’t drop any items on kill.

Moloch (Trench Town)

Image showing the Moloch boss in Outriders.

At the end of the No Man’s Land sequence in Trench Town you will come face to face with another Altered named Moloch. Moloch will attack you and a boss fight will commence. When Moloch is defeated a cutscene triggers automatically. He does not drop any of the sweet loot.

Chrysaloid (Forest Enclave)

Image showing the Chrysaloid boss in Outriders.

Once you reach the Forest Enclave location you will encounter the third major boss in the game as part of the Mayhem mission. This boss is the Chrysaloid. It is a giant creature that lives inside a sort of cave system. This boss is on the tougher side of things to defeat, but it does drop items when killed. It can be farmed by selecting the Track down the Chrysaloid Story Point.

Bailey (Ancient Ruins)

Image showing the Bailey boss in Outriders.

In the Ancient Ruins map the cracks start to appear in your group. Bailey who is somewhat antagonistic further alienates herself by becoming Altered after a scuffle with August. You will have to fight her after you place the antenna. Bailey doesn’t drop any loot, so not worth the effort to farm.

Yagak 1 (Utargak)

Image showing Yagak in Outriders.

Once your crew gets taken you will head to Utargak. Here you will encounter the big baddie named Yagek. At this point you will fight Yagak for the first time. Like other boss fights on this list defeating Yagek triggers a cutscene. There is no loot to be had from defeating this boss but you will unlock the Fatherhood Ain’t Easy, Boss achievemet/trophy.

Yagak 2 (The Caravel)

Image showing Yagak in Outriders.

The final main story boss fight is versus Yagak once again. This time you will need to put down the Chieftain for good. This fight takes place in the final location of the game called The Caravel. Inside of this ship you will fight Yagak one final time before the credits roll. At the halfway mark of his health you will move to a new location outside of the ship. Defeat Yagak here to beat the game. After the credits you will arrive in the end-game.

Dr. Detonator (Boom Town Expedition)

During the Boom town Expedition you will encounter a boss by the name of Dr. Detonator. This boss will appear inside the rave room at the end of the mission. You have to defeat Dr. Detonator to complete the Expedition. Doing this will give you access to the Drop Pod and all the goodies inside it.

Yagak Reborn (Eye of the Storm Expedition)

The final boss in the game currently is Yagak Reborn. This boss is fuogth in the Tier 15 Expedition called Eye of the Storm. To reach this boss fight you need to level up Expeditions to Tier 15 and collect 40k Drop Pod Resources. Once you hit both of these requirements you will unlock the Eye of the Storm Expedition featuring Yagak Reborn.

That’s all of the bosses so far in Outriders. When the game is released we will update this list with all of the full game’s bosses. For more help with Outriders see our guide to the game’s legendary weapons, how to farm, what accolades are, and more.

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