OTK Games Expo 2022 Announcements Rundown

The media powerhouse OTK (One True King) held their first major livestream event after announcing their partnership with WePlay eSports. This livestream event was called the OTK Expo. The event features a number of indie game announcements and reveals. If you missed the show or are looking for a full OTK Games Expo 2022 announcements rundown this page is for you.

Everything Announced During OTK Expo 2022

Image via OTK.

The livestream event was streamed on Twitch on OTK founder/streamer Asmongold’s channel. It took place at the WePlay eSports arena in Los Angele, California. The event featured a number of indie titles reveals and features. 40ish games and additional content was shown during the event and we’ve linked their store pages/home pages below. The games shown were as follows (broken down by genre):



  • Arto – 1 Dec, 2022 (PC).








World Premiere (Exclusives)

  • Smite reveals:
    • Lancelot god reveal – June 2022.
    • One True God (OTG) Athena skin reveal – June 2022.
    • Runescape x Smite reveal trailer – November 2022.
    • OTK Smite invitational – June 27th.
    • OTK skin for Smite.
  • Paladins x RWBY Crossover pass – June 29, 2022.
  • Rogue Company launch trailer – Out now (PC).
  • Divine Knockout reveal trailer – Q4 2022 (PC/Xbox/PlayStation).
  • Project Honor concept art with dev talk – No release date (PC).
    • OTK is partners with Notorious the studio behind Project Honor.
    • Notorious Studios is hiring.

And that’s a wrap on all of the game announcements during the OTK Games Expo 2022. Besides being a showcase for fairly small indie titles the event had a monetary element. The game voted most liked by the community was Renown which will receive a $50k grant and the runner-up title, Neodash gets $20k.

Thoughts on the OTK Games Expo 2022 announcements? Drop them in the comments below.


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