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Fractured Space: Not Such a “Gold Rush Weekend”

The Fractured Space weekend event running between July 28 and July 31 is a huge bust. It sounds like a great deal, it really does. As per usual, if you play six games in a day you are rewarded with...


5 Tips to Success – Rocket League

Rocket League is a game that was purposely built to be fun no matter what your skill level. It doesn’t matter if you have played for 4 or 400 hours. The satisfaction of landing a shot or watching a crazy...

Top 10 Most Iconic Video Game Weapons Ever 2

Top 10 Most Iconic Video Game Weapons Ever

After writing my top 30 games to play before you die, I thought I would throw together more lists more often. Before I get into this list, let me say that I am open to suggestions of what kind of...


The Darkness Behind Their Eyes: A Rockstar Story

So Take-Two Interactive sent a cease and desist to OpenIV and chaos has ensued eh? Well, seems like the perfect time to get my story of Rockstar woes polished up and out into the world, so that I can profit...

E3 in General 4

What I Think: E3 2017 + E3 in General

Having made it through all six conferences this E3 weekend, the journey has led me muse on the idea of the E3 concept in general. On the one hand, I get the appeal of congregating a bunch of gamers into...

Rocket league 10

Rocket League – A love Story

I know what you’re all thinking, I can hear it now, “CaptClue, you can’t fall in love with a videogame, it would never work out. Think about the logistics, you’re a man, Rocket League is only code. You’re getting married...