Operation Westminster – Watch Dogs Legion Guide

When you start a new game in Watch Dogs Legion you will need to play a brief opening section. During this opening section you play as a character named Dalton who is a sort of secret agent type. Dalton must infiltrate Parliament where a threat is potentially hidden. To get through this opening mission use our Operation Westminster guide below.

Investigate the Threat to Parliament

Once you have control of Dalton you will need to make your to Parliament. To do this run down the tunnel and crouch when prompted. Sneak up on the enemy there and use a takedown. Open the door and head down the next tunnel. Jump over the railing on your left to the ground below.

On the lower floor head forward until you encounter a locked door. To open this door you need to run power to it by accessing a nearby circuit. This circuit is located in the room to your right. There are three enemies in this room you will need to deal with to reach the circuit. There is a camera on the far wall that makes dealing with two of them fairly simple (just arm the traps near them). The last enemy can be sneaked up on and taken down. Once the way is clear interact with the circuit to turn it on then head through the now open door.

Reach the House of Commons

Image showing how to Deactivate the Detonator in the Watch Dogs Legion Operation Westminster mission.

Through the locked door you will head down a corridor that takes you into a room full of explosives. Inside this room there are a three more enemies. You can opt to take them out or simply ignore them all together. To advance simply make your way to the hallway on the otherside of the room. If you wish to get some lore you can examine the explosives.

Follow the hallway on the otherside of the room until you reach a grate. Interact with the grate and a cutscene will trigger in which Dalton kicks the door open and climbs a yellow ladder. After this cutscene you will be inside the House of Commons.

Deactivate the Detonator

In the middle of the House of Commons there is a detonator. Approach the detonator and interact with it to trigger another cutscene. During this cutscene Dalton will attempt to disarm the detonator. This attempt fails and some enemies enter the room.

Survive the Ambush

Upon the enemies entering you will take cover and will regain control of Dalton. When you regain control you will have a gun and shock grenades. Use both to defeat the enemies that come down the hallway behind the detonator. Once you’ve survived to 100% another cutscene will trigger where you successfully disarm the detonator, but it was all part of the plan as it were.

Reach the Rooftop Antenna

Once you’ve regained control of Dalton you will be tasked with heading to the rooftop where there is an antenna. To do this head down the hallway behind the detonator. In the room with the statue turn left so you reach a door you can look through. Look at the computer on the desk and hijack it. Once hijacked look at the tablet next to it and download the key. Once you have the key head to the locked door on the otherside of the statue room. Open it.

As soon as you open the doors you will get attacked by three enemies. Take out these enemies and jump into cover. Two more elite enemies will appear at the end of the hallway. Take them both out then head down the hallway and access the keypad on the door to your right. This will trigger a cutscene that takes you to the roof.

After the roof revelation the title card will show and you will have completed the sort of tutorial of the game. Following this tutorial you will start the next mission called Restart DedSec. Hit the link for our guide to that mission our head over to out Watch Dogs Legion guides hub for more helpful guides.

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