Oats Studios Drops Firebase on Steam

Two weeks after dropping Rakka, Oats Studios is back with Firebase. Like Rakka, Firebase can be watched on platforms such as YouTube and Steam. Every episode released by Oats Studios has been free to watch, but there are asset packs available to those wishing to support the studios.


Set during the Vietnam War, Firebase tells the story of American soldier “Hines”. In classic Blomkamp fashion, there is a heavy sci – fi component to Hines story as he fights against enemies who are not what they appear.

Oats Studios Funding and Support Approachfirebase oats studios

Like Rakka, you can pick up assets directly from the short via the Oats Studios DLC page: 

  • Downloadable HQ 5.1 Surround Sound Video File
  • Downloadable HQ Stereo Sound Video File
  • Firebase Booklet including Concept art, VFX Look-Development, Oats Workshop BTS and Filming BTS Selects
  • Firebase 3d Assets including Lookdev, model and rig of the Rivergod, Rivergodstage2 and spidermen

Oats Studios promises more Firebase content is to come as they package up more assets.

Thoughts on FirebaseFirebase

Compared to Rakka, I found Firebase to be just okay. While the Vietnam War is an interesting setting, I found many of the sets to look very ‘set – like’. The other problem I had with the episode was that the character of Hines is obviously supposed to be Rambo – like, but really wasn’t all that fun or memorable.

Some of the highlights of the episode include the enemies and effects, both of which show that Blomkamp touch. The ‘River God’ an enemy in Firebase has an especially awesome sequence involving a literal meat suit.

Overall, you really have nothing to lose by checking out the short. For one the short is free and easily accessible. The other reason is that you may enjoy it more than I did.


About Rakka


Check out Firebase and let me know what you thought in the Pit below.


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