Nintendo Shows First Peek at New Pokemon Game

Early this morning Nintendo held a special Pokemon Direct revealing 7 minutes of new Pokemon information. This Pokemon Direct was the first time the new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch has been revealed. Let’s take a closer look at the new pokemon game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Announced

The new Pokemon for Nintendo Switch is called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The setting of the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon is the Galar Region a new region within the Pokemon universe. The people and Pokemon in Galar have worked together to create large cities which are featured prominently in the trailer. There are also a wide range of biomes within the Galar Region to explore. The trailer shows off locations featuring countryside, beaches, snowy mountains, lush forests and more.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Starters

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield starters
New starters in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Alongside the reveal of the name and new region there was also an announcement of the game’s starters:

  • Grookey (left): Grass Chimp Pokemon. This mischievous Pokemon is full of boundless curiosity.
  • Scorbunny (middle): Fire Rabbit Pokemon. Always running about; bursting with energy.
  • Sobble (right): Water Lizard Pokemon. A bit timid; shoots out attacks as it hides itself in the water.

The Pokemon Direct did not feature an announcement of a concrete release date, but Nintendo did confirm it will be sometime in late 2019 (November maybe?).

While Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield was the main topic of discussion during the Pokemon Direct, they closed the direct by hinting that there was plenty more in the works for the Pokemon brand. What else could be in store for us?

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