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Stardew Valley multiplayer beta 0

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta is Now Live on Steam

Fans of Stardew Valley got a major surprise today with the game’s multiplayer being released in beta form to PC users. News of the release came over on the Stardew Valley dev blog along with instructions on how to access...

Radical Heights teases female characters 0

Radical Heights Teases Female Characters and Outfits

Last week Boss Key productions quickly revealed and then released a new battle royale shooter called Radical Heights. The 80s, game show themed approach went live on Steam and was immediately noted for lacking any female character models in game....

Radical Heights 0

LawBreakers Devs are Making A Battle Royale Game Called Radical Heights

Boss Key Productions’ the studio behind LawBreakers has revealed their next project, Radical Heights, which is a free-to-play battle royale shooter. From the brief reveal trailer, it’s obvious that Radical Heights is aiming to slap an 80s inspired aesthetic on the...


Sea of Thieves Review: A Week and a Half on the High Seas

From the company that gave us Diddy Kong Racing and Goldeneye, comes Sea Of Thieves, a new online adventure game, capitalizing on everyone’s love of pirates. *Insert obligatory joke that references two pirate-y things, one positive and one negative, to illustrate whether this game is...

MiniDoom 2 0

MiniDoom 2 Gets a Release Trailer, Doom Goes 2D (Again)

Back in 2016, CalaveraStudio, created a short parody game based on Doom called MiniDoom. This parody of Doom took the beloved demon killing action of the original game and put a 2D platformer spin on it. Now, in 2018, Calavera...

Far Cry 5 PC requirements 0

Ubisoft Reveals Far Cry 5 PC Requirements

With Ubisoft’s newest Far Cry title set to release on March 27, 2018, the studio has gone ahead and revealed Far Cry 5  PC requirements The post, made over on the Ubiblog, highlights the pc requirements needed to attain 60 FPS,...