New Witchbrook Screenshots and Steam Listing Appear

Back in 2017 Chucklefish, the makers of Starbound, shared early details of their next title which was a mashup of Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter. This mashup generated a ton of interest from gamers, but the studio quickly went rather quiet, with little information emerging around the project besides a few screenshots. Now, in a flurry of activity, new Witchbrook screenshots and Steam listing are live on the interwebs.

Witchbrook Screenshots and Game Details

The magic-focused story being created by Chucklefish has players taking on the role of a young witch-in-training at Witchbrook college. At school players learn to harness magical powers while dealing with social and life simulator aspects presented as an RPG.

While going to school you will attend classes, complete assignments, and earn badges. You also meet a variety of character you can make friends or romantic relationships with. Each of these characters will have their own busy daily routines and schedules.

Image showing a Witchbrook screenshot.

When not at school players can take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities that include photography, gardening, or shopping. There are also seasonal festivities to enjoy as the days advance.

You can read the full details on Witchbrook on the now live Steam page. Unfortunately there is no release date yet available for the title. To stay up-to-date you may wish to wishlist the game and follow Chucklefish on Twitter.

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