New GTA Online DLC Teaser Released By Rockstar

It has been a minute since Rockstar updated their wildly popular GTA Online title. The last update, Los Santos Summer Special, added a purpose for the yachts alongside a slew of new vehicles. Since that release players have been wondering what is next for the online world. Well, Rockstar has finally revealed some more information with the release of a new GTA Online DLC teaser.

GTA Online DLC Teaser

News of the new DLC came in the form of a short video on the official Rockstar Twitter account. The short 10 second video shows a body washed up on the shore and various locations throughout Los Santos. This “John Doe” body alongside others now appears randomly washed up on the beach in-game and has a briefcase next to it.

Besides the video shown above there have been other hints as to what to expect out of the upcoming update. One of the most important hints came from the Rockstar Newswire where they confirmed the update will release in December. We also know there will be a new vehicle (free to players) thanks to the completion of a community heist challenge.

In typical Rockstar fashion don’t expect much out of the studio. They are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to forthcoming content. With that said they do typically start showing more of updates the closer we get to the release. This has been true in the past and I expect it to be true going forward.

What do you think of the New GTA Online DLC Teaser? Does it make you want to jump into the game? Let me know in The Pit below.


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