New Elden Ring Trailer Revealed During The Game Awards 2021

A new trailer for the FromSoftware and George R.R Martin collaboration title, Elden Ring, got shown during The Game Awards (2021) last night. This new cinematic trailer focuses entirely on exploring the game’s expansive world and lore while revealing the wide cast of characters in it. The trailer also revealed more locations and enemies that are in the game.

Elden Ring The Game Awards 2021 Trailer

The trailer highlights some of the game’s main story. In Elden Ring players explore a fractured world that has been ravaged by waring demigods. These demigods were fighting amongst themselves to gain control of the Elden Ring. Many of these demigods are shown during the TGA trailer including the likes of Godwyn the Gold, and the dueling General Radahn and Malenia the Severed. The dueling sequence is especially fun with it going full anime mode.

Elden Ring recently concluded its network test where players got a chance to play the early sequences of the game. Early impressions of the game are very positive. The gameplay itself takes the Dark Souls formula and adds more open-world elements to it. If you want to check out gameplay Soulsebourne YouTuber VaatiVidya has multiple videos showing his network test playthrough.

Elden Ring will release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on February 25, 2022. Players can pre-order the most-anticipated title of 2022 (according to TGA voting) now. Pre-ordering the game unlocks a variety of bonus physical items. There are multiple editions of the game for sale also.

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