Nerds vs Nature is Basically Twitch’s Survivorman with Gamers

Update: The streamers are back at it again!

When you think of Twitch, you typically think of people indoors playing video games. That assumption is correct, but recently the site has been broadening its offerings into areas outside of gaming including real life streams, cooking shows, and now outdoor survival shows.

Back in January streamers CobaltStreak and RichardHammer created a Kickstarter for what they call Nerds vs Nature, a week long survival stream that has raised (as of writing) $9,000. Having reached their funding goal, the duo is now streaming their week long foray in the wilds. This survival challenge tasks the streamers with building their own shelter, foraging their own food, finding their own water, and generally living off the land for the next five days.

Image showing a screenshot from Nerds vs Nature
Streamers CobaltStreak (L) and Richard_Hammer (R) surviving. Screenshot via CobaltStreak/Richard_Hammer stream.

As of the time of this writing, the duo is one day into their challenge. So far they’ve built half a shelter, ate some questionable boiled mushrooms, and drank some boiled water. Alongside accomplishing these tasks has been a healthy (and understandable) dose of complaining and general depression over the challenge they are undertaking.

As a viewer, Nerds vs Nature it is a fascinating look at survival by the average person in the wilderness. Survival is hard and these streamers are learning that first hand. Couple the lack of survival skills with Twitch Chat backseat surviving and you have a strange 2019 version of Survivorman.

If you want to follow the survival journey you can check out either CobaltStreak or Richard_Hammer’s streams.

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