Necromunda Hired Gun Reviews Roundup

Developers Streum on Studio’s Warhammer 40k based first-person shooter Necromunda Hired Gun is out now and many of the major outlets have had a chance to review it. If you are want to see what these major outlets are saying we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve compiled outlets scores into our Necromunda Hired Gun reviews roundup.

Necromunda Hired Gun Major Outlet Reviews

Image showing the Necromunda Hired Gun logo.

In Necromunda Hired Gun players play a hired gun and his loyal cyber-mastiff. This character takes on a variety of enemies in frantic first-person combat. There are endless weapon and augment customisations, upgrades and level ups, and bounties to collect.

Having released on May 31st this title has been reviewed by a variety of outlets. Consensus from the outlets is mixed with the common complaint being the game is buggy. The average across the outlets is middle of the road. The review scores from the outlets are:

As it is a holiday in the US today a lot of the majors haven’t put out reviews for this title yet. When they do (I assume sometime tomorrow) I will update this post to reflect their ratings.

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