NBA 2K23 Season One Prizes

The first season of NBA 2K23 is available now. This season, dubbed Season One, features Michel Jordan. Since it is a Michael Jordan themed season players can unlock a variety of Jordan themed items in-game. To learn more about these items see the full list of NBA 2K23 Season One Prizes below.

Season 1: Season One Prizes

Rank 40 prize.

While you are in the MyCAREER Mode in NBA 2K23 you can open up the start menu. On the start menu you will find a new tab called Seasons. Select Season Prizes to see what season pass items are available to unlock. This first season runs 42 days. A new season will begin when it expires. The prizes are found in the table below.

1Season 1 Ball and Tee.
2New Player Indicator.
3New Jumpshot Meter.
4Winged Green Release.
5Season 1 Emote Pack #1.
63x MyTEAM Tokens.
710x Skill Boosts.
8DrDisrespect Black Steel Mullet + Headphones.
9Basketball and Siakam Banners.
10“30 Min” 2XP Coin.
11#23 Mask.
122K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Inside Defense).
13New Player Indicator.
14Season 1 Emote Pack #2.
152K15 and Zion Banners.
16Clear Facemask.
17MyTEAM Shoe Pack.
18“1 Hour” 2XP Coin.
192K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Close Shot).
20DrDisrepect Protypes (Glasses).
21LaMelo and Dynamic Duo Banners.
22Season 1 Emote Pack #3.
23#23 Backpack.
2410x Gatorade Boosts.
25MyTEAM Promo Pack.
26Season 1 Emote Pack #4.
27Hakeem and Davis banners.
28“2 Hour” 2XP Coin.
29Life Jacket.
30Mountain Dew Trike.
31New Breakthrough Gear (+1 Ball Handle).
32DrDisrespect Showtime Vest (Vest).
33Season 1 Emote Pack #5.
3410x Skill Boosts.
35MyTEAM Limitless Pack.
36Jordan and Tatum Banners.
37“2 Hour” 2XP Coin.
38Season 1 Suit.
39Extra Badge Point.
40Four-Seater Golf Kart.

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