NBA 2K23 Season Events Schedule (Next-Gen)

In The City in NBA 2K23 there are a number of interesting weekly activities players can take part in. Some of the more unique ones are special Seasonal Events that occur on specific dates and times. To keep track of the upcoming activities here’s the currently available NBA 2K23 Season Events schedule.

Season Events Coming Soon to NBA 2K23 on Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PC

Image showing the NBA 2k23 Season Event Schedule screen.
The schedule screen in-game.

In-game you can see the current Event Schedule by accessing the menu > The City > Season Events. On this screen you will see the upcoming Seasonal Events planned for The City. The current schedule in-game is found in the table below. Links to pages describing each activity where applicable.

DateEvent (Time = MST)
Club 2KFebruary 17, 10:00pm-1:00am

The activities listed above feature new items, gear, and other bonuses for players that take part in them. If you regularly or main NBA 2K23 these activities are a nice change of pace from what is the typical grind.

As more seasonal events are announced I will update the schedule above accordingly. Sound off in the comments below on what activity you hope they bring back from previous versions.

Anything to add to the NBA 2K23 Season Events schedule? Drop it in the comments below.


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