NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge Rewards

In NBA 2K23 there is a special game mode players can take part in called the Jordan Challenge. This game mode is chance for players to replay moments in Michael Jordan’s career that defined his greatness. While playing through these moments players can unlock stars to purchase rewards with. The full list of NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge rewards can are located below.

What are the Rewards in the Jordan Challenge?

Image showing the Jordan Challenge rewards in NBA 2K23.
Rewards you can unlock in the Jordan Challenge.

On the main screen of NBA 2K23 you will find the Jordan Challenge. Select this game mode to be taken to a screen where you can playthrough the different moments of Jordan’s career. While you playthrough these moments you can earn a total of 45 Stars. These Stars can be used to purchase Jordan themed rewards. The rewards you can purchase are as follows:

MyCAREER Jordan Challenge Rewards

  • UNC Jordan Jersey.
  • Jordan Calf Sleeve.
  • Jumpman Gold Necklace.

MyTEAM Jordan Challenge Rewards

  • Jordan Coach Card.
  • Jordan FA Card (99 Rating).
  • 95-97 Bulls Alt Jersey.

To unlock the rewards listed above you need to reach 40 Stars. When you hit this level the rewards for both the MyCAREER and the MyTEAM modes will become available for you to use.

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    I completed all the Jordan challenges and I haven’t received my rewards

  3. Joe says:

    I completed all the challenges and got 40 out of 45 stars but didn’t get the loot. How do you obtain it? I saw you say you can “purchase it”? How? Please help. Thanks

  4. The information you have posted is very useful.

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