NBA 2K22 Club 2K Seasonal Event Details

NBA 2K22 features a schedule of special seasonal events players can participate in. These seasonal events typically feature special rewards and interesting game modes for players to experience. One of the more common events that happens on Fridays is the special Club 2K. This club features new music, new gear, and 2XP. For more details on this event see our NBA 2K22 Club 2K seasonal event guide below.

Where is Club 2K in The City?

Image showing the map location of Club 2K in NBA 2K22.
Map location of Club 2K in The City.

When the Club 2K event is active players can access it by visiting the special club located directly south of the NBA Store. The building itself is pretty hard to miss. On the outside you will find a Club 2K sign and a sign that says Open Friday Nights.

While the event is active the doors to the club are open (Friday Nights). Enter the building by approaching the doors and interacting with them. When the event is not active the doors and building remain shut.

Inside the club you will find a collection of courts you can play on. The courts have an interesting glow in the dark style to them. The game mode are 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. Participating in the event can earn you a variety of rewards including VC and bonus XP. The VC can be spent at the special rewards store.

Club 2K Rewards/Store

Image showing the NBA 2K22 Club 2K store.

The main focus in the club besides balling is new music and new gear. The new gear comes from a special Club 2K store that can be accessed while you are in the club. Opening the store menu brings up a list of items you can purchase with VC. These items are club themed. The tables below show what’s available currently.

Club 2K Tops

ItemPrice (in VC)
Playing Card T-Shirts5,000
Digital Camouflage Tee6,000
Speckle Tee1,200
Logo Tee1,000
Slime Tee3,000
Mocap Suit Top10,000
Solid Colored Tees1,000
Bones Tee3,000

Club 2K Accessories

ItemPrice (in VC)
Paint Splatter Pattern Arm Sleeves1,000
Striped Pattern Arm Sleeves600
Kandie Bracelets300
Arm Sleeves400
Led Bracelets300

Club 2K Bottoms

ItemPrice (in VC)
Flamed Shuffle Pants5,000
Striped Joggers2,000
Bat Joggers3,000
Mocap Suit Pants7,500
Solid Colored Joggers1,500

Club 2K Hats

ItemPrice (in VC)
Football Helmet7,500
Jester Hat7,500
Viking Hat7,500

Club 2K Bandanas & Backpacks

ItemPrice (in VC)
Bandanas (9x colors)3,000
Bats Backpacks5,000
Yellow Bats Backpack5,000
Slime Backpacks5,000

All of the above items can be purchased for VC. They are special limited time items that only appear in the Club 2K store on Friday nights. If the inventory changes I will update the tables above accordingly.

Besides the special store items players can also compete for 2XP. This XP comes from playing in the 3v3 games that run while the club is active. Play as much as you can to gain that sweet experience.

That’s all you need to know about the NBA 2K22 Club 2K Seasonal Event. Drop your comments or questions below.


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