NBA 2K21 Weekly Challenges List, Requirements & Rewards

Each week in NBA 2K21 there are a set of challenges players can complete to earn a variety of rewards. These challenges will test your skill in game and will vary from simple to easy. To help you keep track of the currently active challenges the NBA 2K21 weekly challenges list below lays out requirements and rewards.

Weekly Tasks in NBA 2K21

Image showing the nba 2K21 challenges screen in-game.

To find the currently available challenges in NBA 2K21, make your way into the game and head to MyTEAM. Once you are on the MyTEAM menu go to Single Player > Challenges > Weekly. On this screen (shown above), you will see the currently active challenges for the week. The table below lists them all.

DifficultyChallengeWin ConditionReward
ProG.O.A.T. X InvincibleDefeat the G.O.A.T. theme team400 MT + G.O.A.T. X Invincible Pack

These are all of the currently active NBA 2K21 weekly challenges. Completing the challenges above is an easy way to earn various rewards in the game that are useful to building a better team.

I will update this table each week as the new weekly challenges go live. Be sure to check back often for the updates. Let me know which of the NBA 2K21 weekly challenges you’ve completed in the comments below.

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