Mystery of The White Queen Puzzle Solution – Shadow of the Tomb Raider

As you play through the story of Shadow of the Tomb Raider you will get the opportunity to play as a young Lara Croft. During these flashbacks you will need to solve certain puzzles to progress. The first puzzle you will be tasked with solving is called the Mystery of the White Queen. To help you solve this puzzle, use our Mystery of The White Queen puzzle solution guide below.

Turn the Dials to 30 North and 90 East.

When Lara first enters the study, she looks at a picture she has drawn that feature 30 N and 90 E. This picture is a clue for the first step up the puzzle. To input this clue, walk up to the globe at the far side of the room and use the two handles on it. The handles on the globe can be turned to change the position of the magnifying glass. In order to complete this part of the puzzle simply turn the handles so both 30 N and 90 E are showing under the magnifying glass. Once this happens, the curtains will close, a ladder will drop, and it’s on to part 2.

Open the Great Bat’s Wings

Mystery of The White Queen Puzzle Solution 3

After climbing the ladder make your way to this pulley to open the Great Bat’s Wings.

As you climb up the ladder you may notice a large bat suspended above you. This is the next part of the puzzle. Run to the area directly across from the ladder and interact with the pulley there. Doing this opens the bat’s wings, shining two spotlights down on the floor below. Once this is done, return to the main floor with the globe.

Knights With Shield See the Light

On the main floor you will see two spots with red lights glowing and a number of statues of knights. There are two knights with shields we need to push to be under the spotlights. To complete this puzzle do the following:

  1. Push the knight with the shield on the right all the way to the spotlight.
  2. Take the knight furthest left back.
  3. Move the knight beside the knight we just moved into its old spot.
  4. Move the knight under the spotlight back one space and over half.
  5. Take the knight blocking the remaining shield from moving and move it right.
  6. Move the shield knight under the spotlight.

Once you’ve complete the puzzle you will have one last step to complete, moving the White Queen to join her knights.

Queen with Her Knights

Mystery of The White Queen Puzzle Solution

Once the White Queen is in place alongside her knights a door will open. Going in this door ends the level.

Now that we have the White Queen revealed we just need to get to her. To do this, interact with the globe to raise the ladder (move it off odf N 30 + 90 E). Once this is done, pull the White Queen out to the third spotlight on the floor. Doing this completes the puzzle and opens a door. Head inside the door to get some young Lara Croft lore.

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