My Time At Sandrock Announced by Pathea Games

The Chinese game developer Pathea Games has announced a sequel to their popular farming sim RPG My Time At Portia called My Time At Sandrock. This new sequel is slated to release on Steam Early Access in March 2021, with a full release set for 2022 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and next-gen consoles in Summer 2022. The announcement of the sequel came in the form of a trailer you can see below.

My Time At Sandrock Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailer for My Time in Sandrock was released onto the Pathea Games official YouTube channel. Like My Time in Portia players take on the role of a builder who arrives in Sandrock. This town is in need of repair which is where you come into the equation. Using the game’s collecting, harvesting, and building mechanics you will attempt to breath life back into Sandrock by building new structures, helping the townsfolk, and exploring for better resources.

As this is a sequel the developers have laid-out a number of improvements and changes they wish to make. Some of these improvements include better performance, more focus on each individual NPC, single-player and multiplayer modes, better voice-acting, and self-porting to consoles. If you wish to read the full plan or support development of the game head on over to the My Time At Sandrock Kickstarter that is almost half-way funded (at the time of this article).

My Time At Sandrock will release on Steam Early Access in March 2021. The game’s full release is set for 2022 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and next-gen consoles in Summer 2022.

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