MultiVersus Season 1 Snapshot Reveals New Characters and Game Modes

The open-beta for the Warner Bros. produced title MultiVersus has been out now for a few weeks and fans are wondering when Season 1 will begin. Season had been slated for release early August, but was delayed by the studio. Now, thanks to a recent tweet, we have a better idea of what is coming down the pipeline for the game thanks to a MultiVersus Season 1 snapshot shared with fans.

New Characters and Game Modes Coming in MultiVersus Season 1

Image showing the MultiVersus Season 1 Snapshot.
Image via Warner Bros/DC/Player First Games.

The MultiVersus Season 1 Snapshot appeared on the official MultiVersus Twitter account. The snapshot shows off a number of things that players can expect in the upcoming season of the game. The image shows off new characters Rick and Morty, the addition of Classic Arcade Mode and Ranked Modes, and New Cosmetic Items to unlock in the Season 1 Battle Pass.

The game’s Battle Pass works similar to traditional battle passes in other free-to-play games. Players earn XP by completing certain activities in the game (and by simply playing it). This XP then applies to free and premium tracks where there unlockable items each rank up. The open-beta Battle Pass was the first look at the system for players experience it.

When Season 1 will begin has yet to be officially revealed by the studios. Many fans are expecting it to release fairly soon as they date for the end of the open-beta season pass has already passed. Given the popularity of the title I’m sure that Warner Bros is looking to strike while the iron is hot to maintain its sizable player base.

To stay up-to-date with the game’s development be sure to follow them on Twitter. Alternatively you can check out the game’s subreddit and join it’s official Discord for news on the game.

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