MultiVersus Season 1 Release Date Finally Revealed

It’s been a few days since Warner Bros shared the Season 1 Snapshot for MultiVersus. This image features a look at the different things coming to the popular brawler in its official Season 1 content update. At the time of the tease there was no concrete release date for the season. Now, thanks to a tweet, the MultiVersus Season 1 release date has finally been revealed.

When is the Season 1 Release Date for MultiVersus?

The Season 1 release date announcement came on the official MultiVersus Twitter account. The statement made by the account revealed that the release date for MultiVersus Season 1 is August 15th. The full statement can be found above and below:

“We’re excited to announce Season 1 will begin on August 15 with a brand-new Battle Pass for you to earn in-game rewards!” the statement reveals. “We can also confirm Morty will join the character roster on August 23 as part of Season 1. We look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks!”

When the Battle Pass releases on August 15th players will be able to unlock a wide variety of free and paid tier items including character skins, new emotes, and Toast!

Alongside the release date announcement the studio also confirmed that Morty (from Rick and Morty) will be coming to the MultiVersus character roster on August 23rd. Both Rick and Morty have been long-teased so it is no surprise to see Morty will be arriving shortly.

Screenshot from MultiVersus.

The studio also followed-up the announcement with an interesting clarification on how Season 1 will work. Instead of getting everything on August 15th, “New modes and content will be spread through the life of the Season.” The studio said they will reveal more details as the season progresses on when new parts of Season 1 will be released.

To stay up-to-date with the game’s development be sure to follow them on Twitter. Alternatively you can check out the game’s subreddit and join it’s official Discord for news on the game.

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