MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass Items

After what was a series of unfortunate delays of the MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1release is finally available for players to advance through. This pass features a slew of unlockable items across a wide range of types including things like profile icons, characters skins, currency, and more. Check out the complete list of the complete list of MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1 items below.

What’s in the Season 1 MultiVersus Battle Pass

Image showing the last 10 ranks of the MultiVersus Season 1 battle pass.
Last 10 ranks of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

The MultiVersus Beta Battle Pass can be viewed in the game from the main menu. The second icon (below Career), which is a badge, houses the details of the pass and its contents. Select this icon to go to the Battle Pass screen. There are two tracks for unlocks you can go on: Free and Premium. Free is for everyone while Premium is for those that purchased the pass. This pass is available until 11/15.

TierFree UnlocksPremium Unlocks
120 Minutes Adventure (Profile Icon). Toon Squad (Taz Variant).
2Gold x250 (Currency). Yawn (Reindog Taunt).
3Double Ringouts (Badge). XP Boost (Currency).
4N/AToasts x10 (Currency).
5Bat Emblem (Profile Icon). Finn – Happy (Sticker).
6Toasts x5 (Currency). The Daily Planet (Banner).
7Danger: Hight Voltage (Banner).Sun Scream (Ringout VFX).
8N/AHover (Superman Taunt).
9Nymeria (Profile Icon). Toasts x10 (Currency).
10Gold x250 (Currency).Mystery Inc. (Banner).
11N/ATask Force X (Harley Quinn Variant).
12100% (Sticker). XP Boost (Currency).
13N/AHouse Stark (Banner).
14N/AToasts x10 (Currency).
15Reindog Heart (Profile Icon). Harley – Mad (Sticker).
16XP Boost (Currency). Tease (Iron Giant Taunt).
17N/AJinkies! G-g-ghost! (Banner).
18Mistakes Were Made (Banner).Green Lantern Finish (Ringout VFX).
19Ringout Leader (Badge). XP Boost (Currency).
20N/AFlashback Garnet (Garnet Variant).
21Toasts x5 (Currency). Merry Melodies (Banner).
22N/AKung Fu (Shaggy Taunt).
23Zanifeer’s Last Hope (Banner). Toasts x10 (Currency).
24N/AWonder Woman (Banner).
25Pink Diamond Gem (Profile Icon). Gossamer (Ringout VFX).
26N/AXP Boost (Currency).
27XP Boost. The Caped Crusader (Banner).
28N/AToasts x10 (Currency).
29Gold x250Wipe Gem (Steven Universe Taunt).
30Highest Damage Dealt (Badge). Jake – Sweat (Sticker).
31N/AThe Man of Steel (Banner).
32Ghosts in Them There Hills (Banner). XP Boost (Currency).
33N/AToasts x10 (Currency).
34Gold x250 (Currency). Gem Bubbles (Ringout VFX).
35Toasts x5 (Currency). Leader of the Pack (Banner).
36N/AVelma – Surprised (Sticker).
37Gold x250 (Currency). Silencer (LeBron Taunt).
38N/ABatman – Neutral (Sticker).
39Bravos (Banner). Mushroom Explosion (Ringout VFX).
40N/AToasts x10 (Currency).
41I’m Pickle Rick! (Profile Icon). A Universe of Potential (Banner).
42Toasts x5 (Currency). Detectives Tom & Jerry (Tom & Jerry Variant).
43N/ASay Your Prayers Varmit! (Ringout VFX).
44Fire (Sticker). Dance (Jake Taunt).
45Gold x250 (Currency). Bugs Bunny – Hearts (Sticker).
46N/AMallet Pose (Harley Quinn Taunt).
47Soothing Energy (Ringout VFX). Toasts x10 (Currency).
48 Toasts x5Boo-t of Armor (Banner).
49N/ADeploy Batwing (Ringout VFX).
50 I’m Freakin’ Robin (LeBron Variant). Brunhilde Bugs (Bugs Bunny Variant).

To unlock the items listed above you will need to play the game and earn XP for the Battle Pass. There are a variety of sources of XP from winning matches to completing special challenges and tasks. Each time you level up the pass you unlock the tier item listed above.

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What in the MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1 do you want to unlock? Drop them in the comments below


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