Mortal Shell Weapons & Equipment List – What Weapons are In-Game

In Mortal Shell the shells play a prominent role in how you approach combat giving you a range of passive abilities that make you stronger. With that said each shell still needs to wield a weapon alongside its inherent abilities to take on the various difficult enemies in the game. To keep track of the weapons in-game consult the Mortal Shell weapons & equipment list below.

All Weapons in Mortal Shell

Image showing all weapons in Mortal Shell.

In Mortal Shell there are a total of five weapons and one equipment item you can find during your playthrough. These weapons are broken into two categories: four melee weapons and one ranged weapon. Three of the melee weapons are acquired by defeating Hadern in battles triggered by reading a book next to a statue in each unique area. The only ranged weapon is ‘repaired’ using the Tools key item at a workbench. For more exact directions for each weapon check the list below:

  • Hallowed Sword: Can be found in the tutorial area of the game. Must be removed from the statue to collect.
  • Smoldering Mace: Statue found in the entrance section of the Shrine of Ash area. Must defeat Hadern wielding this weapon to receive it.
  • Hammer and Chisel: Statue found in the entrance section of the Seat of Infinity area. Must defeat Hadern wielding these weapons to unlock.
  • Martyr’s Blade: Statue found in the entrance section of the Crypt of Martyrs area. Must defeat Hadern wielding this weapon to unlock it.
  • Ballistazooka: The only ranged weapon in the game can be repaired using Tools purchased from Vlas.
  • Large Bolt: Ammunition for the Ballistazooka. Can be found throughout the world and purchased from Vlas.

These are all available weapons players can currently wield in Mortal Shell. Each weapon listed above has two ability upgrades, and a weapon damage increases players can find and use. The selection is rather slim and you will probably find the Hallowed Sword to be the best option when fully upgraded.

Having seen the list above which weapon do you like/think you will use during your playthrough? Sad about the limited selection? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thoughts on the complete Mortal Shell weapons & equipment list? Drop a comment in The Pit below.

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