Mortal Shell Weapons & Equipment List – What Weapons are In-Game

In Mortal Shell the shells play a prominent role in how you approach combat. With that said each shell still needs to wield a weapon alongside its inherent abilities to take on the various difficult enemies in the game. To keep track of the weapons in-game consult the Mortal Shell weapons & equipment list below.

Note: Information on this page is from the Mortal Shell demo.

All Weapons in Mortal Shell

Image showing the Mortal Shell a weapon on the Mortal Shell Weapons & Equipment list.

In the Mortal Shell demo there are a total of three weapons and equipment items you can find. This is half of the listed slots under the weapons & equipment heading. Two of the weapons you find you are able to wield while one appears to have some use later in the game. Consult the list below if you are interested in the weapons and equipment list.

  • Hallowed Sword (weapon): starting sword received during tutorial.
  • Hammer and Chisel (weapon): found next to Tiel, the Acolyte shell in the
  • Large Bolt.

The weapons you get during the demo are the Hallowed Sword and the Hammer and Chisel. The Hammer Sword swings like a slightly faster great-sword while the Hammer and Chisel is much quicker, but deals less damage. These weapons perfectly match the two shells available in the game’s currently running demo.

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