Mortal Shell Tutorial Guide

When you start Mortal Shell you will be in the game’s tutorial area. This area is fairly linear, but features a few sections that may be a touch confusing to complete. Upon completion of the tutorial you will arrive in Fallgrim. To help you complete the tutorial area check out our Mortal Shell tutorial guide below.

Waking Up and First Tutorial Combat Area

After the game’s short opening you will take control of the main protagonist of the game. Walk forward through the abandoned building to the gate. Wait for the gate to open then enter large open area with the enemy called Hadern standing in it. When you approach Hadern you will trigger a pop up about the Harden ability. Triggering Harden allows you to prevent harm from attacks (basically a shield ability). After this you need to follow the button prompts that appear on your screen:

  • Dodge.
  • Roll.
  • Harden.

Once you’ve done the actions prompted Hadren will disappear. Walk over to the statue next to the gate and examine it to receive the Hallowed Sword (Weapon). Take the weapon and head through the now open gate nearby to reach the second area of the tutorial.

Tutorial Second Combat Area

In this next area you will encounter Hadern once again. This encounter teaches you how to use your newly acquired weapon. Like the previous area walk towards Hadern to trigger a pop-up about attacking while hardening. You will then need to complete another sequence of actions:

  • Lock-on.
  • Light attack.
  • Heavy attack.
  • Harden while attacking.

Once you’ve completed this sequence of actions Hadern will disappear and a nearby gate will open. Go through this gate and pick up the Mortal Token (Item). Complete the sequence of button prompts then head into the next area for the final showdown with Hadern.

Can You Beat Hadern in the Tutorial?

Image showing the Hadern boss in Mortal Shell.

At the end of third and final area of the tutorial you will encounter Hadern for the final time. This encounter is a full on boss fight. Like other game’s in this genre you can beat Hadern here, but you don’t have to. Regardless of the outcome of the fight you will trigger a cutscene that takes you to the first location called Fallgrim. With that said if you do beat Hadern here you will earn the Glimpse of Riverie (Item).

You will encounter Hadren later in your game as this boss will need to be defeated to unlock the game’s other three melee weapons. Each weapon fight sees Hadren wielding the weapon you will earn by beating him. These fights are denoted by a statue and book out in the open-world (will make more sense later).

That’s all for the tutorial area of Mortal Shell. There really isn’t a ton here for players to do besides advance through the tutorial aspect of the game. If players want to challenge the tutorial Hadern repeatedly they will need to start a new game each time.

Fallgrim >

This post is part of our larger Mortal Shell guide and walkthrough. Check it out if you need more help finding all weapons, bosses, side quests, items, and other secrets in the game.

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