Mortal Shell Guide & Walkthrough

In Mortal Shell players traverse a dangerous world switching between shells when needed to take on the various enemies and bosses they will encounter. While on this journey players may find it difficult to navigate the open-world full of secrets. To help make your play-through a bit easier we’ve put together the complete Mortal Shell guide & walkthrough you can find below.

Important: This is not a 100% completion guide. It is written solely to show where to go, what bosses you will fight, and how to get the ending(s). Keep this in mind before continuing to read as you will need to do some exploration on your own while playing.

Mortal Shell Main Story Guide

Image showing an area in Mortal Shell players need to pass through in order to complete the main story.

This section contains all pertinent links pertaining to the game’s main story. Each link takes you to a location you will need to traverse to advance the story. All locations listed below are presented in chronological order. This means you can start at tutorial and work your way to the game’s conclusion following this guide from start to finish.

  1. Tutorial.
  2. Fallgrim/Fallgrim Outskirts.
  3. Shrine of Ash.
  4. Seat of Infinity.
  5. Crypt of Martyrs.
  6. Game Endings.

Upon reaching the game’s ending you will have the choice to maintain your save or enter NG+. When starting NG+ you will begin in front of Sester Genessa in the Fallgrim Tower. All progress in the story-line will reset, but you will keep all items, abilities, shells, and compendium progress.

Mortal Shell Miscellaneous Guides

Image showing the Baghead NPC in Mortal Shell.

Besides the main story in Mortal Shell there are a number of side (or miscellaneous) aspects of the game players may wish to explore to get more out of the game. Many of these side aspects of the game are rather hidden and take a bit of exploration to unlock. To help you in finding these side aspects of the game I’ve put together the guides below. These guides will help you discover things in the game you may have overlooked.

This concludes our Mortal Shell guide & walkthrough. If you followed the guide above you will have experienced a large chunk of the game. With that said there is still NG+ to experience, shells to fully upgrade, weapons to fully upgrade, lore/etchings to find, and more secrets to uncover.

Tutorial >

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