Mortal Shell Boss List

As a game heavily inspired by the souls series title Mortal Shell tasks players with spending a good deal of time on the boss fights. These boss fights require precision combat to defeat. Since there are a number of bosses in the game you will need to use various strategies to progress. To keep track of these bosses we’ve put together this comprehensive Mortal Shell boss list.

Note: This boss list is currently based off the beta.

All Bosses in Mortal Shell

There are currently a total of 3 bosses you can find and fight in the Mortal Shell beta. These bosses consist of two optional and one you have to fight. When you defeat a boss in Mortal Shell their corpse will often drop a valuable item upon defeat so be sure you loot the body when you’ve defeated a boss.


Image showing the Hadern boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: Tutorial area.

During the tutorial you will fight a boss called Hadern. This boss can be beaten if you are skilled enough or you will trigger a planned defeat to him if your health goes down to 10-15%. If you do beat him you get a nice little reward for your efforts as shown off in this video by HeyBlasty. Regardless after this boss fight you will ‘start the game’ as it were.

Ven Noctivagu

Image showing the Ven Noctivagu boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: Fallgrim Outskirts.

After the Mortal Shell tutorial you will enter an area called the Fallgrim Outskirts. Upon leaving the cave head to the right of the enemies sitting near the campfire and you will find a hole covered by branches. Hack the branches and crawl through the hole to find the first boss Ven Noctivagu. This boss is completely optional.

Enslaved Grisha

Image showing the Enslaved Grisha boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: Abandoned Chamber > Enshrined Sanctum.

Upon making your way through the Fallgrim Outskirts and the Abandoned Chamber you will arrive at the boss for this area. The boss is called the Enslaved Grisha and it is located in a room called the Enshrined Sanctum. When you defeat this boss you will be near the end of the Mortal Shell demo.

That’s all the bosses we’ve seen so far in Mortal Shell. Once we get the game at release we will update this list accordingly. With three bosses to face in the demo you get a fairly good idea on how the combat plays out in the game. Did you beat all three bosses listed above? Let me know in the comments below.

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