Mortal Shell Boss List

As a game heavily inspired by the souls series Mortal Shell tasks players with spending a good deal of time on boss fights. These boss fights require precision combat to defeat. Since there are a number of bosses in the game you will need to use various strategies to progress. To keep track of these bosses we’ve put together this comprehensive Mortal Shell boss list.

All Bosses in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell features a number of bosses for players to find and fight. These bosses tend to be tougher than the run of the mill enemies you encounter out in the world and they reward players with glimpses and other rewards for defeating them. To advance the story you will need to defeat three major area bosses that guard Glands you need to collect for the Old Prisoner.


Image showing the Hadern boss in Mortal Shell.


  • Tutorial.
  • Temple Grounds.
  • Eternal Narthax.
  • Abandoned Chamber.

During the tutorial you will fight a boss called Hadern. This boss can be beaten if you are skilled enough or you will trigger a planned defeat to him when your health goes down to 10-15%. If you do beat him you get a nice little reward for your efforts as shown off in this video by HeyBlasty. After this tutorial boss fight you will ‘start the game’ as it were. Regardless of whether you beat Hadern in the tutorial or not you will need to fight him three times during the game if you wish to unlock the game’s additional three melee weapons. Each location is at the start of the three unique areas.


Image showing the Grisha boss in Mortal Shell.


  • Cave behind Fallgrim Tower.
  • Fallgrim Outskirts bat tree room during fog.
  • Fallgrim Outskirts campsite dead-end in marsh.

The Grisha boss can be found behind the Fallgrim Tower in a cave. This boss fight is similar to the Enslaved Grisha from the beta but more toned down. Defeating this boss allows you to reach the Solomon, The Scholar Shell and the Mechanical Spike weapon upgrade.

You can also fight the Grisha two more times in two areas in the Fallgrim Outskirts: the bat tree room and the campsite at the end of the marsh during active fog. These fights are entirely optional, but reward you with a ton of glimpse for defeating it. In the campsite location Grisha guards a statue chest that contains the Molten Spike weapon upgrade.

Imrod, The Unrepentant

Image showing Imrod , The Unrepentant boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: Shrine of Ash > Sanctum of Flame.

Imrod, The Unrepentant is the final boss in the area called the Shrine of Ash. This area must be explored and completed in order to get the Inflamed Gland. As an area boss Imrod has two phases (two health bars) players need to defeat. This makes the fight slightly longer and more difficult than boss fights you’ve faced up to this point.

Crucix, The Twiceborn

Image showing Crucix, The Twiceborn boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: Seat of Infinity > Shifting Archives.

The final boss in the area called Seat of Infinity is Crucix, The Twiceborn. As the name of this boss suggests the boss is two-in-one body. This makes more sense once you see the boss cutscene, but basically the chest of Crucix features a twin that wields a crossbow. If that sounds annoying… It is. Like Imrod, Crucix is an area boss so this bad boy will need both phases beaten for you to reach the Twisted Gland he guards.

Ven Noctivagu

Image showing the Ven Noctivagu boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: Fallgrim Outskirts Cave (near Crypt of Martyrs entrance).

The location of Von Noctivagu is the same as it was in the beta. This location is behind some wood next to the campsite just down the path outside the entrance to the Abandoned Catacombs. Hack the branches and crawl through the hole to find the boss Ven Noctivagu. This boss guards the Tiel, The Acolyte Shell. When killed it drops glimpse.

Enslaved Grisha

Image showing the Enslaved Grisha boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: Crypt of Martyrs > Enshrined Sanctum.

Upon making your way through the Fallgrim Outskirts and the Abandoned Chamber you will arrive at the boss for this area. The boss is called the Enslaved Grisha and it is located in a room called the Enshrined Sanctum. When you defeat this boss you will gain access to a new section of the Crypt of Martyrs area. This boss has to be defeated to reach the Crypt of Martyrs area end boss.

Tarsus, The First Martyr

Location: Crypt of Martyrs > Martyr’s Altar.

At the bottom of the Enshrined Sanctum you will reach the section called Martyr’s Altar. In this section you will find a boss goblet. Sip from the goblet to transport to an icy boss arena where you will face off against Tarsus, The First Martyr. Defeat both of this bosses two phases to gain access to the Crystalline Gland key item.

The Unchained

Image showing The Unchained boss in Mortal Shell.

Location: In the Abyss somewhere…

The final boss you will fight in Mortal Shell the The Unchained. This boss fight becomes accessible after giving all three glands to the Old Prisoner. When you deliver these key items to this NPC it will break free leaving a hole where it was once captive down which players can descend. In this hole there is a boss arena where The Unchained will attack. When you beat The Unchained you can choose to Ascend by removing the The Unchain’s gland or refuse. Ascending moves you into NG+.

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