Missed Messages Achievements Guide

Missed Messages is a new, free to play title out on Steam. This title features a total of four achievements for players to unlock. Each achievement unlock is tied to a different ending. Use our Missed Messages achievements guide below to get them all.

Achievement: missed

Image showing the missed ending of Missed Messages.

To unlock the missed achievement you need to unlock the missed. ending. This can be done number of ways, but I will show you how I went about unlocking it.

  • Interact with Laptop.
  • Accept message from ‘goth gf’s Iphone’.
  • Send “Send meme back.”
  • Accept message.
  • Send “Working but can’t focus.”
  • Accept message.
  • Send, “Let’s see the makeup.”
  • Accept message.
  • Send, “You’re the cutest.”
  • Accept message.
  • Send, “Yes”
  • Close Laptop (triggers night meeting).
  • Ask roommate, “Why?”
  • Tell roommate, “Bye”
  • Select “Let time pass.”
  • Give goodbye kiss with “Yes.”
  • Click phone to pass time.
  • Click on door.
  • Read Note (choose either):
    • Call Police.
    • Open door (graphic warning).

This will unlock the missed ending and missed achievement.

Achievement: forgive

Image showing the forgive ending of Missed Messages.

The forgive ending and achievement is unlocked the exact same way as the achievement and ending above. Simply complete a second playthrough following the directions above. At the end of the experience you will get a different ending. This time there will be some more storyline pieces injected into the experience. At the end you will unlock the forgive ending.

Achievement: hope

Image showing the hope ending of Missed Messages.

To unlock the hope ending and achievement you will need to play out the experience different from the previous two playthroughs. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Interact with Laptop.
  • Accept message.
  • Choose to “Go back to work.”
  • Keep choosing “Go back to work” until you hear voices in the other room.
  • Exit Laptop.
  • Interact with Inner Door.
  • Listen.
  • Interact with Laptop.
  • Go back to work until the noise behind roommates door stops.
  • Exit Laptop.
  • Interact with Inner Door.
  • Knock.
  • Ask May to “Hang Out.”
  • “Take a break.”
  • Talk about the “Sky.”
  • Say, “I feel that.”
  • Ask May, “How are you?”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • Ask May, “Things you enjoy?”
  • “I’ll help you.”
  • Choose to Let time pass.
  • Go to the washroom by selecting the Outer Door.
  • Interact with May.
  • Ask her, “Are you really okay?”
  • Hug May.
  • Select either, “Why are you sad” or “Wait.”

After you select the last dialogue you will see a number of cutscenes. At the end of these cutscenes you will unlock the hope ending and achievement.

Achievement: survivor

Image showing the survivor ending of Missed Messages.

Follow the same directions as the hope ending, but say “I’ll Go” to May in the washroom. In the next sequence you will learn May has moved out. Select “text her.” This will unlock the survivor ending and achievement.

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