MiniDoom 2 Gets a Release Trailer, Doom Goes 2D (Again)

Back in 2016, CalaveraStudio, created a short parody game based on Doom called MiniDoom. This parody of Doom took the beloved demon killing action of the original game and put a 2D platformer spin on it. Now, in 2018, Calavera Studio has revealed a remakequel of MiniDoom titled MiniDoom 2. Minidoom 2 dropped a release trailer of all the game’s demon killing goodness. Take a peek at it below.

MiniDoom 2 Trailer

If you played the MiniDoom, you will probably notice some similarities here. Calavera Studio describes the remaquel as being “minidoom on steroids” with everything being “bigger, louder and more badass.” This description appears to be fairly accurate as the game features two new bosses, 14 weapons, as well as five difficulty levels and four game modes. Alongside these new inclusions are also a number of Doom 2 enemies, including both Mancubus and Revenant.

MiniDoom 2 is available for download free at Calvera.Studio and (total file size 85 MB). 

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