Minecraft Dungeons Weapon Farm Locations List

Minecraft Dungeons takes the Minecraft players know and love and places it in a new genre. Instead of building things players will now focus their time on dungeon diving in order to get better items including weapons and armor. Since weapons are an important part of the game you will want to farm weapons that compliment your style of play. This means getting things like swords, axes, bows, etc. To help make farming these weapons more efficient use our Minecraft Dungeons weapon farm locations list below.

How to Get Specific Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Image showing the Frost Bite build in Minecraft Dungeons.
Image via Mojang Studios.

To get weapons in Minecraft Dungeons you need to farm specific areas of the game to get them to drop. Keep in mind the weapon’s stats, rarity, enchantments and level are impacted by the difficulty and level of your character. With that in mind here’s where to farm for specific weapons:

Axes, Pickaxe, and Hammer Locations

  • Axe: Creeper Woods, Highblock Hills.
  • Pickaxe: Creepy Crypt, Redstone Mines.
  • Great Hammer: Fiery Forge, Obsidian Pinnacle.

Swords, Daggers, and Other Melee Weapon Locations

  • Sword: Creepy Crypt, Creeper Woods.
  • Daggers: Soggy Swamp, Redstone Mines.
  • Glaive: Soggy Swamp, Desert Temple.
  • Soul Knife: Soggy Swamp, Desert Temple.
  • Soul Scythe: Pumpkin Pastures.
  • Sickle: Pumpkin Pastures, Deseret Temple.
  • Gauntlets: Cacti Canyon.
  • Cutlass: Cacti Canyon, Fiery Forge.
  • Claymore: Obsidian Pinnacle.

Bows & Crossbows Locations

  • Bow: Creepy Crypt, Creeper Woods.
  • Short Bow: Cacti Canyon.
  • Trick Bow: Cacti Canyon.
  • Soul Bow: Creepy Crypt, Creeper Woods.
  • Power Bow: Fiery Forge, Highblock Hills.
  • Hunting Bow: Soggy Swamp.
  • Longbow: Pumpkin Pastures, Cacti Canyon.
  • Soul Crossbow: Obsidian Pinnacle.
  • Crossbow: Cacti Canyon, Obsidian Pinnacle.
  • Heavy Crossbow: Cacti Canyon, Obsidian Pinnacle.
  • Rapid Crossbow: Redstone Mines, Highblock Hills.
  • Exploding Crossbow: Fiery Forge.
  • Scatter Crossbow: Soggy Swamp, Highblock Hills.

If you are looking for a specific type of weapon you will want to consult the list above. On it you will find the locations of the various weapon drops in the game.


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