Minecraft Dungeons: How to Jump Over Gaps

In Minecraft Dungeons you will encounter various types of terrain you will need to traverse. This terrain can range from steep inlcines to gaps. While go up inclines is fairly straightforward you may be wondering how to jump over gaps to reach new locations. To help you reach these locations use our how to jump over gaps guide below.

How to Jump Gaps in Minecraft Dungeons

Image showing how to jump over gaps in Minecraft Dungeons.

When you encounter certain gaps in Minecraft Dungeons you may be wondering how to cross them. Since there is no jumping you will need to rely on using your roll ability to cross certain gaps. This approach is a bit awkward at first but becomes easier the more you use it. Simply stand at the edge and roll across the gap to cross it. The screenshot above shows a location I used the roll ability on to cross. This resulted in a chest appearing.

That’s all you need to know to cross gaps in Minecraft Dungeons. Basically you will need to rely on trial and error at first to learn what gaps you can and cannot cross. If you’ve found any you wish to share drop a comment down below.


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