Minecraft Dungeons Armor Farm Locations List

Minecraft Dungeons takes the Minecraft players know and love and places it in a new genre. Instead of building things players will now focus their time on dungeon diving in order to get better items including weapons and armor. Armor is an important aspect of your character build as it will protect you and offer you certain special bonuses. Like other items in the game you need to farm for armor. To help you farm for armors use our Minecraft Dungeons armor farm locations list below.

Where to Get Specific Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

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To get armor in Minecraft Dungeons you need to farm specific areas of the game to get them to drop. Keep in mind the armor’s stats, rarity, enchantments and level are impacted by the difficulty and level of your character at the time of the drop. With that in mind here’s where to farm for specific armor:

  • Hunter’s Armor: Creepy Crypt, Creeper Woods.
  • Phantom Armor: Creepy Crypt, Creeper Woods, Redstone Mines.
  • Wolf Armor: Creeper Woods, Redstone Mines.
  • Soul Robe: Creeper Woods, Highblock Hills.
  • Evocation Robe: Soggy Swamp, Obsidian Pinnacle.
  • Mystery Armor: Soggy Swamp, Desert Temple.
  • Scale Mail: Pumpkin Pastures, Fiery Forge.
  • Spelunker Armor: Cacti Canyon, Redstone Mines.
  • Mercenary Armor: Cacti Canyon, Fiery Forge.
  • Thief Armor: Redstone Mines, Desert Temple.
  • Grim Armor: Desert Temple, Obsidian Pinnacle.
  • Reinforced Mail: Fiery Forge.
  • Plate Armor: Fiery Forge.


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