Minecraft Dungeons Areas List

In Minecraft Dungeons you will travel through multiple areas with different enemies and loot drops. Each area provides a unique experience and should be explored to the fullest. If you are wondering how many different areas are in the game we’ve got you covered. Check out the full Minecraft Dungeons area list below.

What are All the Areas in Minecraft Dungeons?

Image showing a dungeon in MInecraft Dungeons.

There are a number of named areas for players to explore in Minecraft Dungeons. These areas range from a number of different biomes and offer different enemies and loot to fight. In the game the areas players can currently explore are as follows:

  1. Squid Coast (Camp).
  2. Creepy Crypt.
  3. Creeper Woods.
  4. Soggy Swamp.
  5. Redstone Mines.
  6. Cacti Canyon.
  7. Pumpkin Pastures.
  8. Fiery Forge.
  9. Desert Temple.
  10. Highblock Halls.
  11. Arch Haven.
  12. Obsidian Pinnacle.
  13. Secret Cow Level.

The above locations can be revisited to farm for specific items to help compliment your builds. Keep in mind the harder the difficulty and higher your level play a part in what sort of loot drops in the areas above.


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