Metal Gear Solid Survive Preorder Bonus

Metal Gear Solid Survive is the newest entry into Konami’s long running Metal Gear series. The game features a number of new design decisions never before seen in the Metal Gear series, including the likes of building and wave defense.  Events in Metal Gear Survive fill the time gap between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. If you are interested in trying out the new direction of Metal Gear Survive, the game is currently running an open beta. If you like what you see, you may want to preorder the game before its February 20, 2018 release as there’s a preorder bonus available. Let’s take a look at the Metal Gear Solid Survive preorder bonus below.

Preorder Bonus

Metal Gear Solid Survive Preorder Bonus

Preordering the Standard Edition of Metal Gear Survive gives you access to the Survival Pack.

There is currently only one edition of Metal Gear Solid Survive available for purchase. This standard edition retails for $40, and come with the Survival Pack if you preorder it. The Survival Pack grants you access to these digital items:

  • 2 Additional Gestures (Thumbs Up and Happy)
  • 4 Metallic Survival Scarves
  • Mother Base Nameplate
  • 4 Gold Plated Weapons (Bat, Spear, Machete, Sledgehammer)
  • “Kabuki” Face Paint
  • “Boxman (The Orange)” Accessory

Special Edition

There is no Special Edition available for Metal Gear Survive.

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    no idea, i can’t either, are you on xbox? why did it mark me as spam?

  2. Dagmot says:

    Love the game but why can’t I access the preorder bonuses?

  3. metal gear survive says:

    great post,thank you for sahring

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