Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest Features

I have recently started playing Mass Effect Andromeda and was curious how the new systems would work. Would staples like coloring armor be back? What about the new ship replacing the Normandy? Replacing the Normandy this time around, is a shipped called the Tempest. The Tempest acts very similar to the Normandy and has many of the same features. Here’s a list of Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest features.

Respec Character

Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest features

Not happy with how your Ryder is shaping out? Maybe you spent points in biotics when you wanted to spend them in combat, and now want to change. Good news! There is a respec station in the Tempest’s med bay which allows you to do just that. With this ability, it makes it much more intriguing to try out different builds or play styles. Get out there and experiment!

Color Armor/Change Clothing

Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest Features

Another staple of the series many of you are probably familiar with is the ability to set casual outfits as well as color your armor. This feature is back and can be accessed (like other games) in the Pathfinder’s quarters. Simply access the terminal and pimp out your character. Nothing like saving the galaxy and looking swag while doing it.


Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest features

Like other Mass Effects, you are able to create your loadout from within the Tempest. To do so, access the locker pictured above. In the loadout selector, you are able to equip weapons as well as individual pieces of armor. The Loadout Locker is located in the room on the right when leaving the Tempest’s Bridge (place with galaxy map).

Strike Missions

Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest features

Veterans of the Mass Effect series will recognize the concept of Strike Missions right away. Strike Missions are what Mass Effect calls its multiplayer. Mass Effect Andromeda introduces a new system in which you can send APEX instead of playing multiplayer. Basically, APEX are a team of NPC who will attempt to complete the mission without you. Completion of Strike Missions unlocks items as well as other resources. Strike Missions can be accessed in the room below coms.

Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest features


Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest features

In previous Mass Effect games, weapons and armor was either found or purchased. Mass Effect Andromeda has opted to introduce a crafting system to the game. Research unlocks blueprints via points collected on planets, while Development crafts the blueprints you unlock by using resources you gather. R & D is located beside the Strike Missions terminal.

Buy/Sell Items

Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest Features

The Tempest features an on board merchant terminal similar to the Normandy. Here you can buy and sell gear you collect throughout your travels. The terminal is located next to the R&D computer.

AVP Terminal

Mass Effect Andromeda Tempest features

Andromeda Viable Points are unlocked after you colonize Eos. Basically these points are earned as you increase viability. With these points, you can then choose certain timed bonuses. For example, a point in the commerce tree makes it so you gain passive credits every 40 minutes or so. This terminal is located across from the R&D terminal.

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