Mass Effect Andromeda Pyjak and DLC Items Locations

If you purchased Mass Effect Andromeda before the launch, chances are you are entitled to a few in game goodies. If by chance you happened to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Collector’s Edition, there are a whole bunch of in game goodies for you. With that being said, the way you go about accessing these bonuses is easily missed. We can help you find the items which are rightfully yours! Check out our Pyjak and DLC items location guide below!

Pyjak Pet

The Pyjak Pet is basically a Space Monkey that chills on the Tempest. This Space Monkey can be collected by doing the quest named ‘Space Monkey’. What the quest entails is heading to the Nexus Docking Bay. In the Docking Bay, head to the general merchant/nomad merchant booth. Along the wall will be a cage with the Pyjak inside. Interact with the cage to send it to your ship.

Pre – Order Bonuses (Armor, Nomad Skins, Weapons)

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Pre -order items are not tied to any questline and can be accessed as soon as you board the Tempest. Head down to the Pathfinder’s Quarters and look for a computer located on the desk beside the Space Ex model. Interact with the computer to collect your rewards!

Obviously the copy of the game you picked up will determine what items are available for you to collect. Regardless, I hope this guide helped you to access your bonus items, and got you out exploring the Golden Worlds.

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