Mass Effect Andromeda Conversation System

Remember back when Mass Effect use to have Paragon & Renegade options? Those days are long gone in Mass Effect Andromeda. Instead, players now have a new conversation system which is suppose to present more choices. Want to give an emotional response? Or how about a more logical response? Check out the changes to the Mass Effect Andromeda conversation system below.

The Mass Effect Andromeda conversation system works similar to previous Mass Effects, but now you will have more responses to choose from. Responses are categorized by certain symbols appearing on the head in the middle of the conversation wheel. Based on the personalities of the NPCs, they will react differently to how you respond to them.

Mass Effect Andromeda Conversation System

Conversation System:

Emotional (Heart) – this response can be compared to the Paragon response in previous Mass Effects. Use this response choice if you want to answer in a sympathetic, kind, helpful, understanding, or optimistic way. Want to be an emotional leader? This choice is for you!

Logical (Gear) – Instead of answering with emotion, you can instead choose to be logical. This is exactly as it sounds. The player’s response will take into account all relevant information and respond accordingly. Giving logical answers can offend NPCs (just like in real life).

Casual (Spiral) – Are you a jokester? Maybe a fun loving Pathfinder? Choosing the Casual response is the closest to encapsulating this type of character. The answers you give will often be witty, funny, sarcastic, or simply friendly. This is kind of like the Han Solo option.

Professional (Square Spiral) – If you are more inclined to focus on the task at hand and stick mainly to business, choose the Professional response. Professional responses are often short and to the point, because time is money babay!

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