Mario Golf Super Rush Website Holes Locations Guide

The Mario Golf Super Rush website is now live and there is a special mini-game players can complete to receive 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points. This special mini-game tasks you with finding five holes on the website. To help you complete this mini-game use our Mario Golf: Super Rush website Holes locations guide below.

Where to Find All 5 Mario Golf Super Rush Website Holes’

To earn the 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points head to the game’s website. Once you are on the site login to your My Nintendo account. Once you are logged in you need to explore the website and find five holes. These are golf holes that have red flags in them. When you find a hole interact with it by pressing it with your cursor. The locations of the five holes are as follows:

To collect a hole be sure you interact with the flag. When you do this you will get a notice saying you’ve found a flag. Once you’ve colleted all five holes you will get the notice above. This notice means you’ve unlocked the 100 My Nintendo Points. These points can be used to purchase items from the My Nintendo shop. Items you can purchase include things like posters, lanyards, and other Nintendo memorabilia.

Did you find all five of the Mario Golf Super Rush website holes? Let me know in the comments below.


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