Mario Golf Super Rush Website Full of New Information on Game

On June 25th Nintendo fans have a chance to jump back onto the links in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Leading up to the release Nintendo has been sharing a slew of new details and more details are here thanks to the launch of the official website. If you head over to the Mario Golf: Super Rush website you can see the new details on the game.

Mario Golf: Super Rush character list.

The website features a number of new bits of information we’ve yet to see regarding the new title. Things like characters and courses, how to play guides, and other details are shared on the site. Be sure to click around and read up on anything you might wish to learn a bit more about.

Some details you might appreciate are there being 17 playable characters including Mii Characters and each character has their own special shots. Course wise the website looks at six courses with there being a nice mix of locations including a strange level called the Super Golf Stadium. This course takes place inside of a futuristic stadium that is built for games of the Battle Golf game mode.

While you are reading up on the game there is a brief mini-game you can complete on the website. This mini-game tasks you with finding and interacting with five holes on the website. Once you click all five holes you will earn a total of 100 Platinum Points for your efforts. Our guide here will help you track them all down.

Did you check out the Mario Golf: Super Rush website? Let me know in the comments below.


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