Mario Golf Super Rush Reviews Roundup

Mario is back on the links again thanks to the recent release of Mario Golf Super Rush. This new entry in the golfing saga features everyone’s favorite Mario characters alongside new game modes. If you are thinking of picking up this title the Mario Golf Super Rush reviews roundup below will let you know what outlets are saying about it.


Screenshot from Mario Golf Super Rush.
Image via Nintendo.

Mario Golf Super Rush is a golfing title that released on June 25th for Nintendo Switch. The game was developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo. There are a multitude of game modes to play including Adventure Mode, Speed Golf, and even Battle Golf. Ahead of its release multiple outlets reviewed the title. Here’s what they gave it:

Overall most of the major outlets found the title to be favorable. There was a mix of opinions on what makes a Mario Golf good, with some liking the more arcade-y Speed Golf and other liking traditional golf. Other critics on the low end of things found the game to be lacking in terms of replayability and interesting game mechanics.


As of the time of writing the game’s critic rating on metacritic stands at 74 from 34 reviews. The game’s OpenCritic stands at 72 average with 62% of critics recommending the title.

What do you think of our Mario Golf Super Rush reviews roundup? Let me hear your thoughts on the game below.


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