MapleStory 2 Will be Released Globally Soon, Closed Beta Sign Up Now

MapleStory, the beloved side scrolling 2D online role-playing game’s sequel, MapleStory 2,  is finally making its way to a global audience after being released in South Korea since 2015.

Nexon America, recently showed off footage of MapleStory 2 at the MapleStory Fest, to highlight tha MapleStory 2 will be released globally soon. Footage of the sequel highlights a number of changes fans will notice from MapleStory. Gone are the pixelated 2D visuals of MapleStory and in their place is a new 3D style which harkens to a more blocky, Minecraft like visuals. Check out the new visuals in the trailer below.

MapleStory 2 Official Announce Trailer

Besides visual changes players will find MapleStory 2 features less diverse classes than MapleStory (for now). With that being said, Nexon announced that there will be deep customization systems including clothing and even building your own house. You can also see in the trailer there will be activities like driving cars, going to clubs, lounging by the pool, and exploring. So from the looks of it, there will be a ton of stuff to do in the sequel.

Story wise, MapleStory 2 takes place in the same game universe, the Maple World, and serves as a prequel to the original MapleStory. Since it is a prequel, you can expect to see some familiar faces during your adventure, but they may look a bit different than you remember.

Players interested in getting their hand on MapleStory 2 can apply sign up for the game’s closed beta here if they’re located in Europe, Oceania or the Americas. The closed beta will begin on May 9. Players that are accepted for the Closed Beta will earn a hat with the initials CBT on it for their efforts.

MapleStory 2 currently has no release date, but will be available on Windows PC at launch. 

Thoughts on MapleStory 2 coming to global markets? Like the visual change? Let me know in The Pit below.


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