Mantle List: How to Unlock, What They Do – Monster Hunter World

As a hunter in Monster Hunter: World, you have access to a wide array of equipment to help you on your hunt. One piece of equipment which can provide a brief bonus during fights is the Mantle. Below you will find our Mantle list, which goes over the various available Mantles in Monster Hunter: World.

What are Mantles

Image of Mantles in Monster Hunter World

Mantles can be equipped in the Item Box’s Change Equipment menu.

Mantles are pieces of equipment which can be used during fights for a duational bonus. To equip a mantle, head to your Item box and select change equipment. The third box in the column with weapons and charms is where you can equip them.

Types of Mantles

There are a number of mantles you can unlock in Monster Hunter: World which provide different bonuses. Unlocking the different mantles usually requires completing an optional quest for The Armory. Here are the Mantles:

- Ghillie.
- Glider. 
- Waterproof. 
- Iceproof. 
- Fireproof. 
- Thunderproof. 
- Vitality. 
- Bandit. 
- Challenger. 
- Rocksteady. 
- Impact. 
- Apothecary. 
- Evasion. 
- Immunity. 
- Dragonproof.

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