Magikarp Jump Events Guide

Magikarp Jump features a total of 34 events for players to unlock. These events are mini cutscenes which sometimes involve making a choice. Depending on which choice you make, the outcomes can be  either good or bad. Good outcomes usually involve getting coins, items, or increased jump points. Bad outcomes usually mean you lose Magikarp. Here is our Magikarp Jump events guide.

Magikarp Jump Events

No. 1: Old Rod – Magikarp encounters a bit of fruit underwater. You can decide to either take the fruit or ignore it.

  • Requirement: Beat Fast League


No. 2: Nugget – You receive coins scaled to your level (automatically sells the Nugget you’re given)

  • Requirement: Beat Quick League


No. 3: Is It Treasure? – You find what may be treasure on the road. You can choose to either pick it up, or leave it alone.

  • Requirement: Beat Quick League


No. 4: Out of Nowhere – There is a tree with Berries on it. You can decide if Magikarp should jump for the berries or not.

  • Requirement: Beat Friend League


No. 5: Idol Riches – Once you finish the Heavy League, the Mayor will give you a Training Soda.

  • Requirement: Finish Heavy League


No. 6: Massage a Karp: The Mayor will massage your massage your Magikarp.

  • Requirement: Random


No. 7: Everyone’s Hero: A fan comes and cheers on your Magikarp after the jump battle

  • Requirement: Random


No. 8: Roddy Tackle – A fisherman comes and offers words of encouragement

  • Requirement: Beat the Quick League


No. 9: Unsinkable Magikarp – If you lose a battle while not being max level, this event will occur. Similar to the Everyone’s Hero event.

  • Requirement: Lose battle while not being full level.


No. 10: Go, Magikarp, Go! – Mr. Yoso will deliver a message from a fan.

  • Requirement: Beat the Quick League


No. 11: All that Glitters – A sparkling item appears in the pond. You can choose to grab it or leave it.

  • Requirement: Beat the Friend League


No. 12: Jumping Lesson – You get approached to enter a special jumping course. You can accept or decline.

  • Requirement: Beat the Fast League


No. 13: Mystery Drink – A scientist offers you a new miracle drink. You can accept or decline.

  • Requirement: Beat the Great League


No. 14: Magikarp Adrift – Magikarp gets lost and you either need to tell it to wait or search.

  • Requirement: Beat the Quick League


No. 15: Snoozing the Snorlax – Your Snorlax is blocking the path. This causes Magikarp to go to sleep on it’s belly.

  • Requirements: Have Snorlax as support Pokemon; Beat the Quick League


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