Mafia 3 Preorder Bonus & How to Access

Like many of you, I preorderd Mafia 3 and received the preorder the Family Kick-Back pack. After getting a few hours into the game, I began to wonder where these goodies were. Luckily all that it takes is progressing in the main story in order to access the goodies. What follows is a brief guide on the accessing the Mafia 3 preorder bonus.

What You Get

The Mafia 3 preorder bonus contains two types of items: weapons and cars. There are 3 items within each category for you to enjoy.


  1. Trench 1938 Automatic Rifle
  2. Camo Model 67 Sniper Rifle
  3. Gator Shotgun


  1. Smith Moray MX100
  2. Lassiter Leopard
  3. Berkley Stallion

How to Access

First you need to have bought the Mafia 3 preorder bonus copy. Second, you will need to have inputted the code (in some cases they are already included) for the dlc to unlock. This is more of the technical aspect of ensuring access.

In order to access these items in game, you will have to progress through the main storyline and unlock both the arms dealer service and the vehicle delivery service. You will also have to have gathered the three underbosses: Cassandra, Vito  and Burke. All three characters are need as each character has a specific car and weapon tied to them as an unlock.

Arms Dealer: Gives you access to all three of the DLC weapons (and many others). Simply call in an arms deal, approach the van and select the dlc weapon you want free of charge.

Vehicle Delivery: Gives you access to all three of the DLC cars (and many others). Simply call in a vehicle delivery, select the model you want and wait for it to be dropped off for you.

For more Mafia 3 help click here

What do you think of the Mafia 3 Preorder Bonus? Like any of the guns? Or the cars? Let me know in the Pit below.


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