Mafia 3 Making Money Guide

Mafia 3 is out now and players are looking for ways to pad their wallets like any good mobster. There is a selection of things players can do to increase there bank roll. From side mission to killing npcs there is ample opportunities to cash in. However to take your money making to the next level, there is a few things you should focus on. What follows is a guide to Mafia 3 making money.

Mafia 3 Making Money: Stash the Cash

Mafia 3 Making Money

The safe is love. Safe is life

A penny saved is a penny earned is a good adage for this step in making money. Mafia 3 utilizes a money saving system, which involves going to your safe house and interacting with the safe. But Enrico why would I save? Glad you asked faceless reader. Mafia 3 punishes you every time you die, in the form of 50% of cash on person. So if you run around going full rude boy like I do, you end up dying a lot and subsequently being broke all the time. By putting money away, you negate this loss and always have a little bit of change in your pocket.

Mafia 3 Making Money: Rackets Are the Money Makers

Mafia 3 Making Money

That racket money

While saving is good, there is not much need if you have very little income. Rackets are a way for players to generate stead, relatively passive income while simply playing the game. As players progress through the Mafia 3 story, players should focus on completing the Vito Scaletta missions first. Vito gives players access to abilities which make money making easier. The biggest one is the ability to collect racket profits, then send them to your vault without you having to do anything at all. This means that rackets can continuously make money for you, instead of having hitting their maximum earning, then sitting dormant as they wait for you to collect the earnings.

Rackets can also have their earning potential upgraded by doing side missions. So if you want more money, invest in putting time into completing the side missions for each racket. Soon you will be rolling in more money then Pablo Escobar.

Mafia 3 Making Money: Use The Ammo Glitch

Mafia 3 Making Money

Free ammo for you, you, you and you

One of the biggest costs in Mafia 3 is ammo. If a player dies during a mission, they will have to restock their guns with ammo. This is done by calling in the arms dealer and lets just say restocking weapons ain’t cheap. All that is required is to simply switch to a different weapon, then switch back to the one you want filled. The ammo is free!

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What are your thoughts on this Mafia 3 making money guide? What did you do to become rich? Let me know in the Pit below.


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