Mafia 3 Downtown Collectibles Guide

Mafia 3 is an alright game. With that out of the way, let me help you find the various collectibles scattered around New Bordeaux. Each area of the map has it’s own set of collectibles, so our guide will be broken down into each part. The following is a guide to Mafia 3 Downtown Collectibles. For clarity the five items you will gather for all Mafia 3 Downtown Collectibles are: 1. Playboy Magazines, 2. Album Covers, 3. Communist Posters, 4. Vargas Paintings and 5. Hot Rod Magazines. There is another collectible called the Repent Magazine, however that will be added at a later date (or it’s own post).

Playboy Magazines

There are a total of 5 Playboy magazines scattered throughout the Downtown area of New Bordeaux.

  1. January 1967: This issue is located in the Auto Service center in the Downtown area. Go into the back office and you will find the PLayboy magazine on top of a desk there
  2. November 1966: To find this issue, you will have to go below the city into the sewers. To do this, simply find access via one of the river tunnel entrances along the outer rim of the area. Once inside, look for a small work bench. The Playboy magazine is on the bottom shelf.
  3. June 1967: Look for the monument in the park. The Playboy magazine can be found under the northeastern – most palm tree in some flowerbeds.
  4. April 1965: This Playboy magazine can be snagged either during Cavar’s Construction mission or while free roaming. Look for the construction yard located behind Shaker’s Jazz Club. Head inside the office trailer to find the Playboy on the desk.
  5. December 1964: The last magazine in the district can be found inside a garage along the shoreline. Once you find the garage, simply head inside to the office and snag it from off the desk.

Album Covers

There are a total of 4 Album Covers in the Downtown are of New Bordeaux.

  1. Dusty Springfield: Look for a garage with a set of stairs leading to the roof. Open up the garage and you will find the Album Cover on an oil drum insde.
  2. Count Five: Found inside of a buidling. Simply head inside and look for it among a bunch of trash.
  3. Etta Jones: To find this Album Cover, look for a vendor stand downtown. The Album is found inside the square shaped booth.
  4. Otis Redding: This one will not appear on your map regardless of wiretapping. Look for a moored boar and head for the bow. Here you will find the Album Cover.

Communist Posters

There are a total of 4 Communist Posters to collect while Downtown.

  1. Poster 1: The first poster can be found along a wall near the underground tunnel entrance. This can be accessed by going down the stairs to the pier.
  2. Poster 2: The next poster can also be found along the water’s edge, but this time in the southern part of Downtown. On the pier, look for a crane and some warehouses. On the exterior wall of the warehouse is the poster.
  3. Poster 3: To find this poster, look for a concert hall. On the left wall while facing the building’s front doors is the poster.
  4. Poster 4: The last poster is relatively easy to find. Look for a government building on your map. Go to the building and beneath two flags is the poster.

Vargas Paintings

There are a total of 3 Vargas paintings to collect Downtown.

  1. Painting 1: The first Vargas Painting is located inside of the Imperial Health Club. This can be accessed either during Frankie’s Blackmail Racket, or during free roam. The painting is located on the top floor, inside of an office. Look for a book shelf between two large plants.
  2. Painting 2: To find the second painting, head to the Royal Hotel. The painting is located behind the check in desk.
  3. Painting 3: The last painting to grab in the Downtown area is located in a construction site. The building can be accessed during Cavar’s Contruction Racket or during free roam. Either way the painting is located on the third floor near a pile of red bricks and a brown couch.

Hot Rod Magazine

There is only 1 Hot Rod Magazine to collect while you are Downtown.

  1. Magazine 1: Head to the location marked in the video below. To do so, go west to the pier and the underground tunnel location. Swim/boat or walk inside,  until you find a little alcove. The Hot Rod Magazine can be found on a work bench.

Video Help

My directions are pretty broad, but the video below does a good job of highlighting the areas you need to go to find  Mafia 3 Downtown Collectibles: 

If you need more instructions or help with finding Mafia 3 Downtown Collectibles, let me know in the Pit Below.

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